Nature in the City: Urban Forest Stewards

This is my logo design for a new organization starting in Toronto that works with youth to help plant more trees in the metropolis; such a great initiative that I'm happy to be a part of.

"Our project is aimed to improve the integrity and presence of urban forests. We intend to inspire and educate communities within urban areas about the importance of proactive environmental maintenance, as well as the ecological, social, and economic benefits associated with them."  From Nature in the City: Urban Forest Stewards facebook page.

The shape of the leaf itself is based off of the Swamp White Oak, the first type of tree that the organization started to plant. I wanted to make it a friendly and hand-drawn logo because it goes with the planting work they do by hand as well. The little CN tower at the bottom just leaves a reminder of which city they're based in.

They're still working on building the official website at the moment.