Umbrella Taxi Service | Improv in Toronto

I got the idea for this event back in January, but we finally got to do in August 2012. Total success!

Working together, we got 15 t-shirts printed, purchased 15 yellow umbrellas and 15 raincoats. We assembled outside of Bathurst subway station and while the rain poured, we walked people to where they needed to go, under the cover of our professional equipment.

We walked whole families, or just shared an umbrella with one other person as we had fun conversations, met some great people, and had to persuade many that this was just free fun. (People offered tips, hugs, and cookies)

 Logo for the t-shirts

Logo for the t-shirts

The Improv in Toronto Youtube video:

Jenna Warriner and I were interviewed by The Weather Network! (Since it was weather-related)

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