Paper Art | PULP Paper Art Party 2014

PULP is an annual fundraising event where artists submit their design proposals and create art pieces using only paper and reclaimed materials. The night of the event, people from around the city join for an evening of art and music, and the profits this year went to Street Haven at the Crossroads Women’s Emergency Shelter.

My piece was made from a branch that fell from the ice storm in Toronto this past winter, and I also found a bag full of shredded paper documents on the street. Combining the two, I covered the branch piece by piece with the shredded pieces, (and my mum helped loads!) and turned the bark into white paper with words.

The idea was that we were so devastated by the trees that fell and caused damage on the street, but yet we cut trees down constantly, and cause damage to forests. The paper we create from them in turn, also ends up on the street. The fact that I covered the branch in paper is a playful way to point on that we cannot just put a tree back together from what we make out of it.

the small artist statement I had placed next to the piece