plastic free july

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Just before July, I asked the office at tentree if anyone would want to participate in Plastic Free July with me, and to my pleasant surprise so many people were on board.

We had weekly tips and tricks, and everyone did their best in limiting their usual plastic use. I think it opened up a lot of perspective and can definitely be a challenge. Some people avoided foods completely if they couldn’t find an alternative! I picked lots of berries growing wild in the city too (helpful with the season).

On the very last day, Nada (our new local package-free grocery store) came and hosted a little pop-up shop of plastic-free goods and tools to help everyone be able to extend the challenge into their everyday.

We also got a blog post written about it:

Thank you to everyone for participating! You are awesome. And remember, it’s not really all our fault - it’s about getting corporations to be responsible and governments to create stricter regulation to reduce single-use.