Street Art

It was my goal to make some street art before the end of this year (2016). So on New Year's Eve Eve, I made myself get out of bed at 1am, and cycle to the university with a bucket of paint and a brush in my pocket. (I had a little accidental paint spill on the end of my road over some cobblestones, and therefore painted most of my bicycle and jeans in white, but it was fine.)

Because of the holidays, this area of Edinburgh was a lot less busy than normal, and it was a perfect opportunity to paint on the construction boards at Bristo Square, as it wasn't causing vandalism on any permanent property.

Luckily I bumped into two friends on the way, who kept me company while I painted, and it caused some attention from passers-by, all positive.

I shared it online, with an astoundingly good result. It was shared many times, and it was nice to think that it is living on one physical wall, but is being shared digitally through many people's photographs, reaching even more people than just the ones who will walk past.

I definitely want to create more inspirational art on construction boards, especially around the university where there is a concentration of open-minded individuals who have the chance to make a lot of change.