Naomi Klein at 6 Degrees TO

Beyond grateful to have gotten to attend Naomi Klein's talk at 6 Degrees TO tonight...all the tickets had been sold out but I made a sign to hold at the door asking if anyone had an extra ticket. A man stood beside me saying how hopeless it was, we wouldn't get in, but he'd stand with me anyway.

Luckily, a man came by and simply gave me a spare ticket he had, and I barely had the chance to say my thanks. I gave my ticket sign to the man who stood next to me and wished him good luck.

The talk was beautifully placed together covering a variety of issues and a future view for Canada (and the world) to quickly leap towards. Check out the Leap Manifesto! At the beginning of the talk we got to witness an Aboriginal tribe perform with singing and drumming, and at the end an adorable Syrian refugee children's choir.

At the end of the event the man I had given my sign to got into the lecture as well, and had passed on my ticket sign to another girl who also managed to get in, and pass the sign along again. We got a miniature movement going! Regardless of the hopelessness we feel, the only thing we can do is keep being determined to get to our goal in creating a sustainable world we want to live in.