Went to a beautiful workshop last night, called EcoSattva...a Buddhist and mindfulness approach to climate change. It was exactly what I needed. It was broadcast live around the world, with hundreds of people tuning in, and a group of lovely ladies gathered in an art studio, drinking tea, surrounded by candles and warm lights. I felt so comfortable as we listened to speakers and a monk so clearly explain everything in our world that requires urgent change. The system and those in power who distract us and keep us from creating positive change are all too prevalent. There is too much injustice, too much discrimination, between all living beings on this planet. All the issues are connected, and tackling climate change is something that brings it all together in a cause that affects us all. I cried. The women around me cried. This is something that rings so true to so many souls, and it was amazing to connect with so many people who feel the same. The course is going to have workshops on how to use our immense love for the world, with a sense of urgency, compassion and responsibility and make the future positive. The winds are changing and we've got a window of opportunity to act. A small, quickly-closing window.