Never shopping again

This isn't me going completely off grid and refusing to support capitalism, BUT I've happily realized that I'm never going to go clothes shopping ever again. Once it clicked, I realized that there is absolutely no reason to buy brand new clothing. Unless it's from a charity/thrift shop, a clothing swap, a market, or a unique company with a positive impact, I ain't buying it.
There is so much clothing out there, it's ridiculous. I don't even know where all those old pairs of underwear go. (Can anyone tell me?)

Basically, you just have what you need, and that's all. When you feel like changing it up a little, host a clothing swap party! Or find something unique at a charity shop. Or support a vendor at a market. Or make sure your money goes to a good place by buying from a company that has a positive purpose. (Like tentree that plants ten trees for every purchase. - let me know about some more cool companies, please!)

We all have so much clothing that we don't even wear, but keep holding on to. Time to do a clean up of our closets, donate all those unloved outfits, and find fun alternatives!

Wish I did this sooner! It feels like such an utter relief to never shop at a mall again.