Mostar in Bosnia and Hercegovina hosts a Street Arts Festival that allows citizens and visitors to paint abandoned buildings and structures all around the city to engage the community and create beautiful facades.


"Shooting Stars" May, 2016

Many of Mostar's buildings are still covered in bullet holes from the Yugoslav wars in the early 90's. I wanted to turn all these bullet holes into something brighter and happier to see for the people walking by on their residential street.


Priroda, Prijatelji, Porodica, July 2017.

This is in a little town called Bijela, in the Bay of Kotor where my grandfather grew up. Life can be a bit hard here sometimes, and I wanted to paint something to represent what people can focus on, and what they have regardless of other life difficulties. The three panels are PRIRODA, PORODICA, PRIJATELJI - nature, family and friends.


Entre Amigos Community Garden Entrance, San Pancho, Mexico.  2017

My friend Naomi and I painted the empty concrete poles of the garden of the lovely community centre in San Pancho. It tracks the sun set, sunrise, and the rising and falling of the moon in the village.

IMG_8487 1.JPG

Nature Nurture, January 2017. In the women's space of the Khora Refugee Community Centre in Athens, Greece.

I painted this while volunteering at Khora, the walls were blank and I wanted to create something that can welcome the women who enter and use the space.