My Year

(Inspired by this) I was thinking, "Man, I want to travel to another place every month!" to which I realized, "Whoa, I already have." And this year in particular is one that I wanted to see visually, all at once, since it was a significant one for me. And it's not a January-December kind of calendar, but a real year, with a starting point based on events. A lot of things in my life were coming to a close and I was feeling lost about what would come next, and I guess it was April when my year started to kick off and went up, up, up.

It was like my own Eat, Pray, Love kind of year, you could say. Complete with the travel, new friendships, experiences, and love. (I never prayed, but I wasn't in as hard of a place where Elizabeth Gilbert was either.)

All these different places feel like home to me.